Audio – Be free of alcohol


Duration: 26min 33s

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This mp3 recording read by Jo for alcohol problems can help you say ‘no’ to alcohol and regain control over your alcohol consumption.

Whether you have a serious alcohol problem or you are just a social drinker who feels they are losing their grip on the amount of alcohol they consume, you can use the power of suggestibility and self hypnosis and change your attitude towards drinking.

Hack you unconscious to a positive and permanent change!

While listening this recording you are reaching to the deepest levels of your subconscious mind, and re-programming your attitudes to alcohol.

It will help you find healthy and safe substitutes for the needs currently fulfilled by alcohol.

Such a recording is not an alternative for the session with the qualified hypnotherapist, but you will train your brain to break a habit of being yourself!

These positive suggestions are designed to help you to achieve your goal – GET YOUR POWER BACK!

Just keep listening at least once a day..

The power of suggestion is tremendous!