Psychosexual Issues

Problems of a sexual nature in a relationship are not easy to discuss but even less easy to ignore.

Sex is a very important part of human life and you have every right to get joy and satisfaction from your sexual relationships. Having said that, the intimate sphere of our lives often is where all our anxieties, insecurities, and deep-seated convictions affect us the most.

In my therapeutic practice I have helped many people free themselves from problems affecting their sexual lives, such as:

  • sexually-related anxiety
  • vaginismus and pain during intercourse
  • erectile difficulties and dysfunction (ED) – sometimes referred to as ‘impotence’
  • early climax, premature ejaculation
  • sexual compulsions and many othersHypnosis can help to overcome psychosexual

Issues by conditioning your mind to help you feel relaxed,confident and in control during sex.