Audio – Be free from cocaine addiction


Duration: 25mins:06s

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This hypnotic audio for drug addiction read by Jo aims to get to the root of the problem by inducing a state of heightened awareness called trance.

In this relaxed state, you are highly suggestible and receptive to positive affirmations and idea of a new behavioral patterns.

You can impress on your unconscious mind the scenario you want to happen: New, Clean, Healthy YOU!

It is time to bring yourself back, it is time to gain control over this addiction!

Hack your unconscious mind!

Such a recording is not an alternative for the session with the qualified hypnotherapist, but you will train your brain to break a habit of being yourself!

These positive suggestions and structure of the programme is designed to help you to achieve your goal – GET YOUR POWER BACK!

Just keep listening at least once a day..

The power of suggestion is tremendous!