5 steps to Give Up Smoking


Duration: 59mins

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These 5 lessons are 5 steps to Stopping Smoking once and for all!

These lessons, read by Jo, have a profound effect on the subconscious mind through the use of special hypnotic language.

The subconscious mind is highly suggestible in a relaxed state. Use it for yourself!

This audio will help you free yourself from smoking, start listening, and hack your subconscious mind to quitting!

This program is designed to help you quit smoking, and you can even get a family member or friend involved in it.
It won’t teach you here how to hypnotize others for stopping smoking ( it requires more advanced training), but you will have a fantastic self hypnosis tool to impress a new thinking patterns and feelings connected to cigarettes!

Such a recording is not an alternative for the session with the qualified hypnotherapist, but you will train your brain to break a habit of being yourself!

These positive suggestions and structure of the programme is designed to help you to achieve your goal – BE SMOKING FREE FOR GOOD!

Each of these 5 steps could be a very life changing step for you…
Just keep listening at least once a day..

The power of suggestion is tremendous!