Public Speaking

Stage fright is quite indiscriminate when it comes to people it affects. The list of personalities who admitted to suffering from stage fright is long and includes legendary performers like Sir Laurence Olivier or Barbara Streisand.

But stage fright doesn’t only affect professional performers. Many of us are familiar with the paralysing fear of public speaking every time we need to address a social gathering.

Three to five hypnotherapy sessions will work wonders for anybody who is currently dreading the though of speaking in public.

Here are only some examples of how hypnotherapy can help you in your performing career:

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy will allow you to access your subconscious mind, unlocking levels of empathy and creativity you didn’t know you had.
  • Scientifically proven stress combating effectiveness of hypnotherapy will relieve any anxiety affecting your performance during auditions.
  • If you find that you perform better during rehearsals than in front of a live audience, hypnotherapy will help you get rid of any limiting convictions that lead to you self-sabotaging yourself when it matters most.

Consider hypnotherapy for public speaking if you:

  • are required to do presentations in your work
  • teaching or training staff lies within your responsibilities
  • have been asked to be the best man and the though of preparing the speech makes you tremble
  • the fear of addressing a room full of people is stopping you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do (like becoming more active in your local community, taking up a teaching career, etc.)