Weight Issues

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is an effective tool to let you achieve, and sustain, the ideal weight for your body.

Just as with relationships, our attitude to eating is seldom entirely rational. If we ate only to sustain our vital processes we would not have the need for weight loss solutions. We would just stay trim and healthy naturally.

Unfortunately, our relationship with food is often complex and reflects deeper needs and appetites that have been displaced and artificially satiated by eating.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • eating fast and without thinking, realising afterwards that you’ve eaten too much?
  • bingeing on sweets just because you had a bad day or just felt generally miserable?
  • ‘rewarding yourself’ for an achievement by excessively indulging in delicious, but unhealthy, snacks?
  • compelled to ‘clear the plate’ even though you know that you are full and should stop eating?
  • eating more at certain junctions in your life, like moving houses, changing jobs, meeting a new partner?
  • obsessively controlling your calorie intake?
  • feeling worthless if you have put a couple of pounds on or failed at your diet?
  • feeling that if you succeed in achieving the body image you desire, you will succeed in other things as well?
  • using laxatives or throwing up to relieve the sense of guilt after eating?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, you may be suffering from body image problems and have an irrational attitude to food. In a hypnotherapy session I will help you regress to find the root cause of your emotional connection to food and re-establish a healthy mind-body balance.

Hypnotherapy will help you establish a healthy relationship with food, which means that:

  • you will eat when you are hungry and only as much as your body needs.
  • you will recognise the signals your body sends when it’s full and you will not be tempted to ignore them
  • eating will be a source of energy and enjoyment, not a guilt trip
  • you will stop obsessing about calories and you will no longer need to diet
  • in moments of weakness you will recognise the triggers that cause you to overeat and easily combat cravings
  • you will be happy with your body image and have a rational attitude to nutrition