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I will teach you THE BEST HYPNOTIC TECHNIQUES on the market and will share my 15 years of experience with you! I Offer the Best Hypnosis Treatments for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Anxiety / Phobias, Addictions, Relationships, Sexual Issues, Public Speaking, and Self Confidence.

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Learn the secrets of hypnotherapy in 4 days!

This his four-day hypnotherapy course will equip you with knowledge and specific ADD HERE and powerful ….tools, which will allow you to use hypnosis in your everyday life (e.g. in your current job) or to become a professional hypnotherapist.

You will need about 160 hours combined of home study, training days and practice to become fully certified. This will include the practice during the training and 3 case studies completed by you after the training and assessed by the Instructor. There is also a theory exam, so we will make sure you have really strong foundation for the practice. You will have Jo’s full support and mentoring during the entire time!

What They Say About Us

Karolina Szczubelek

After the Hypnotherapist course, apart from the knowledge about hypnosis and subconscious mind, I gained confidence that I can do it and I can be great at it! I am a certified dental nurse and my Hypnotherapist Diploma will help me work with my patients. I sincerely recommend Jo! She supports you during and after the training, she is a great mentor willing to share her great experience with you!
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Maggie May

Karolina Jaskowiak

I received much more in the Hypnotherapist Course than I expected, I gained great tools for working with people, and I realized that now I have knowledge and skills, hich can change my life and that of others for the better! Jo is a great teacher and leader and supports you throughout the learning process! I heartily recommend it to everyone!

Hi, I am

Jo Gowda

I am Master of Social Sciences, a fully qualified hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor and an NLP Master Practitioner with 15 years of experience.

I have had over 7,500 client sessions in my private practice in the UK.
I also train others – people experienced in hypnosis, but also those who are complete beginners.

What will I teach you?

To help others, you must first help yourself. After completing the training, you will become the master of creating your own life and overcoming negative patterns. Applying the knowledge learned here guarantees you fast, lasting results.
You will gain knowledge about how the human psyche functions and how each of us creates our own reality. This is a huge “game changer” for life and it will help you both personally and professionally.
Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind. It gives quick results and for many people it is the last resort after visiting other specialists. The people you help will start creating lasting changes in your own life.

Intensive Hypnotherapy Course

The course is delivered online, by Zoom
You can choose one of the three modules, depending on whether you are just starting out or are an experienced hypnotherapy practitioner.

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    Clarity, relaxation and positive focus. Well crafted suggestions helping you to develop a new thought process or habit. Enjoy!