Find out how this hypnotic MP3 will help you overcome your premature ejaculation problem by relaxing your conscious mind and re-connecting with your natural sexual responses.

Watch my video and look how a SELF HYPNOSIS will help you to improve your sex life.

Sex is a very important part of human life and you have every right to get joy and satisfaction from your sexual relationships. Having said that, the intimate sphere of our lives often is where all our anxieties, insecurities and deep-seated convictions affect us the most.

Self-Hypnosis For Sex Problems

Early climax or premature ejaculation is one of the most common psycho-sexual issues. This issue can be caused by an underlying health problem, which is why I always encourage you to see your GP before our initial consultation, just to make sure that there is nothing wrong on a physical level. Once you eliminate any potential healthreasons, self-hypnosis can help you to relax you mind and your body.

Anxieties Around Sexual Experiences 

Having too much on your mind, too many anxious thoughts, re-playing and punishing yourself with your past negative sexual experiences, can affect your current sexual performance.

If you had a bad sexual experience, you might find yourself going back to it and recreating it all the time, reminding yourself of all the negative emotions associated with it, like humiliation, shame, embarrassment, feeling low, seeing disappointment on a partner’s face, feeling frustrated with yourself and expecting your partner to be frustrated with you too. They will all add to your current anxiety.

When you keep returning to watch the same film over and over again, you keep recreating the same scenario in the future. This is how the ‘self-fulfilling’ prophecy works. If you keep recreating this mental image of failure and tension over and over again and if you then charge it with additional feelings, emotions and sensations (e.g. by saying to yourself “I’m going to be humiliated”, “I’m going to feel embarrassed”), you might actually start avoiding sex all together. You might overdo in other areas of life, so that at least you don’t feel like you’re a bad lover, not fully a man or not confident. But actually, all these other successes won’t help you shake off this feeling of failure inside.

First of all, we need to work on this anxious scenario, this horror film, that you keep re-playing in your mind.

Let Your Body Take Over

Your subconscious mind will bring you erection naturally - our body reactions automatically reflect how we feel.

Men will sometimes start overthinking during sex, they will disconnect themselves from the moment, they will not be present in the moment but will escape to their heads instead. By being anxious and overthinking your sexual reactions, you stand in the way of your subconscious mind wanting to bring these natural reactions automatically. As long as you’re connected to the whole bedroom situation with your 5 senses, there are really no reasons why you shouldn’t experience a hard, long-lasting erection, whenever you want to have it.

Hypnosis will help you:

  • - relax
  • - reduce or remove your anxiety as a lover
  • - change your image on a sexual level
  • - avoid any anxious thoughts about women and about having sex.

Hypnosis will help you be more connected with your senses.Onceyou’veachieved that,you will find it easier to be grounded, to bepresent in themoment, to be present for yourself andfor the one you’re making love with, which is a key to having a good intimate connection.

In essence, hypnosis will work for you by conditioning your mind to help you feel relaxed, confident as a fantastic lover and in control of your body during sex.

Ready to overcome premature ejaculation?